Thursday, April 7, 2011

Those darn pro-lifers

So I was reading this week's issue of the BC Catholic when-
Father Rosica said a study of Catholic blogs involving non-Catholics and non-Christians looking at Catholic blogs found they were filled with "filth, hate, conjecture, and innuendo." He added some blogs attempt to claim they are official, using the Vatican crest or a picture of the Pope.

Many of these blogs often have "vitriolic, vindictive messages," he said, citing the LifeSite News blog as a major culprit.

"The LifeSite blog is not a Catholic blog. It is not an authoritative blog," he said. "It has caused huge problems in the North American church, not just in Canada."

Wait, what?

Did a (semi) notable priest just rip into LifeSiteNews, one of the most prominent news resources of the pro-life movement?

On the face of it, this seems ridiculous. Having actually read some articles from LifeSiteNews, I don't see what Fr. Rosica's problem is supposed to be. The very business of the pro-life movement is to be controversial and argumentative, since we are essentially saying that a highly common medical practice is state-sanctioned murder. Furthermore, its highly disingenuous given that Fr. Rosica's own Salt and Light TV has been at the forefront of pro-life media work.

I dug a bit further and found out what all the hub-bub was about:
However, the war of words has escalated to new heights with the latest blogpost of Fr. Thomas Rosica, the President and CEO of Canada's Salt & Light TV network. Fr. Rosica took a swing at pro-life activists generally, and his US counterpart specifically for daring to criticize Cardinal O'Malley's decision to participate in and allow the Kennedy funeral extravaganza.

And ever since then, Fr. Rosica had made it a point to attack LifeSiteNews (and by extension much of the pro-life movement, including the vast 100-million viewer Eternal Word Television Network) for...for criticizing two bishops who wanted to do the politically convenient thing, rather than the right thing.

What utter nonsense.

Bonus link: Fr. Rosica continues to lay it thick.

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